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Golden Real Estate logo story

    This Golden Real Estate logo came to sixty-eight in an unconventional way. While sitting at a closing table signing endless amounts of closing documents, the seller's agent, Golden Real Estate, was making small talk and inquired what sixty-eight was all about. Not only did this conversation lessen the stress that ultimately comes with the reality of being in debt for the next 30 years, but it also blossomed into a bit of a campaign. Sixty-eight suggested a logo be developed seeing as what was being used wasn't making a really strong statement. Golden Real Estate, being in the heart of Golden, Colorado, is surrounded by a rich history of the 'Old West'. The five logo samples above all have a their own sense of history and a bit of 21st century flair that makes the logo recognizable and dynamic. The ultimate choice was the large one on the far left.

    Since then, Golden Real Estate has developed yard signs for their listings, outdoor signage, a truck wrap and a handful of local area advertisements for local printed publications. The Golden community has noticed the changes and they've been received quite favorably. Particularly in comparison to what they were used to seeing. It all starts with a logo and the possibilities are virtually endless.

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