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Creative Services logo choices

    Purdue University Calumet’s in-house design team needed to reinvent itself and start acting like a real design studio. The former name of the office was Electronic Communication & Publishing. No one knew what the heck the office did with a name like that. An all-out campaign began with a more aptly named office and a logo to go with it. The color orange became probably the biggest, boldest change. As most people know, the color orange is NOT a color found in academia. So, this color got attention and snickers all around.

    There is a story about 'why the dot?', but we'll save that for another time. Just know that the dot is all encompassing -- self-contained, endless, and simple. The slogan 'inspired about the dot' came about and sparked intrigue. After all, many campus offices didn't have an actual slogan. The office took on a hefty make-over with no budget to speak of. So, being frugal and creative were key. The outcome? Well, there are circular orange bathmats strewn throughout the office. The traditional flourescent lighting is always off and replaced with swanky desk lamps and tall orange shades (this'd be the offices answer to going green). Some of the office walls are bright orange -- the others are a confederate blue and light grey color. Two of the four walls are windows. So, the office looks out onto the beautiful campus. For interactivity, there is a velcro orange dot wall and a scratch and sniff feature within the office. And the office couldn't be complete without an orange citrus tree that provides all who enter 'creative juice.'

    For the purpose of this story, the entire make-over started with the logo -- as with most marketing ventures. Many designs were created, but it came down to the one on the upper left corner. And the campaign raged on with unexpected marketing ploys. These include e-mail blasts that sparked employee curiosity, appreciation gifts to those employees (e.g., clients) who learned to 'play nice' with creatives, and email giveaway drawings that yielded such a response, even the creative team could't believe the wild success. Immediately following the makeover, the Creative Services office threw an Open House, which was renamed to an 'Open Office Shindig', rather than JUST another Open House. The attendance at this event was crazy successful, seeing as it was in the middle of the summer and the campus has a tendency to be a ghost town. The campus community now sees the creative genius and yearns to be a part of it. The entire makeover has been completely embraced. Now all clients want to meet in the Orange office because of the creative energy.

    As this campaign rages on, the office has met with outstanding success and is now truly respected for its efforts. As time moves forward, more photos from the campaign will pop up on this link. Stay tuned.

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