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C3 resume logo story

    Carrie Cate Clements provides a resume writing and design service. Her entire service is online so there is no overhead in terms of business cards, letterhead or any other printed materials. She provides a brainstorm worksheet to all her clients that yields necessary information in order to develop a resume and a cover letter. When initially talking to the client, sixty-eight had only known her as 'Carrie'. Upon finding out her entire name, the creativity started percolating.

    Truth be told, only one design was developed. The client wasn't picky and didn't even know if she needed or wanted a logo. What's interesting to share is the story behind the end product.

    When sixty-eight offered to design a brand image and discussed it with the client, some key information popped up. First and foremost, her name was Carrie Cate-Clements. Hmmm? Three Cs -- 'C' to the third power was the initial thought. And then a more unexpected thing happened to seal the deal. When changing bags for the Spring season, for some reason, the bag had a scrabble piece in it. (?) Strangely enough it was a 'C' AND it was worth '3'... Reader -- you are probably reading this and wondering,'why is there a stray scrabble piece in your bag?' An answer to that question cannot EVEN begin to be approached. Just KNOW that this was meant to be. The scrabble piece was then scanned and tilted a bit to show a bit of flair. Two logos were developed -- one professional and one personal. Her entire name couldn't escape the parallel, hence the additional personal logo. The professional logo had to have a mention of the service offered. The obvious choice was the word resume. So, the emphasis on ME was evident .... and then the slogan... 'pulling it together.' After all, that's what scrabble is all about. Needless to say, she loved it.

    This particular design story is what sixty-eght would deem 'the unexpected.' Still relevant to tell, but unexpected in terms of how it got to the end product.

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